Kevin was a friend, a teammate, and a strong part of the TASCO family.  He was taken from us on November 23rd, 2019 during a group bike ride when a car crossed the double line and hit him head on.

Kevin was a "less is more" kind of guy, which is why his instagram tag was @lentzismore.  We have created this small collection in honor of what Kevin wanted.

1.  Black

2.  Red

3.  Clean Design


100% of the proceeds of this collection will go straight to his dear family to help with their financial burden.  They'd love for you to wear this gear with pride and remember Kevin when you do...even if that meant he was in front of you pulling away, with a grin on his face :)


A Tribute from Kevin's Good Friend Ryan

Kevin Lentz was faster than you’ll ever be. 

He climbed like an ibex wearing a jet pack,

and descended like a peregrine possessed. Rock gardens were traversed as if floating. The same drop you approached white-knuckled and quivering, he’d send with aplomb - then he’d turn around and ride up the dammed thing. 

His whip was always dialed and his kit fitted. A man of precision, he knew the first rule of life was to look good doing it. He might only be a blur when he sailed past you and out of sight, but when you caught up for post-ride beers or espressos you’d find yourself saying - damn, why don’t I look that good‽

The kicker was, he’d never brag or boast. Instead, he’d spend the ride sharing the stoke, divulging his line choice, and encouraging you to get your shit straight because he believed in you and knew you could ride better, faster, cleaner too. 

Kevin existed in the understated confidence of a kung-fu master, always ready for the next adventure or townline sprint. 

A legend in life, Kevin prematurely joined the pantheon of pedalers on Nov 23, 2019 when a car crossed the center line into oncoming traffic and killed him in a hit-and-run. 

Kevin is now no doubt sprinting up Mt Olympus and bagging all the KOMs, but his untimely death has been a tragedy for those he left behind. Most notably, Kevin’s beautiful family. 

To honor Kevin’s ethos of cool confidence, TASCO has released the Lentz Is More collection. The design is inspired by Kevin’s bold and clean aesthetic. 100% of the proceeds go directly to support Kevin’s wife Lauren, and their young son, Lawson.

Wearing these items won’t make you as fast as Kevin Lentz, but - just like riding with him - it will get you a little closer. 

Miss you Kev!  - RJ