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Dawn Patrol Double Digits Merino Wool Socks (Black Hole)

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Product Details

TASCO has created the new Double Digit Collection, a unique match up of gloves and socks that look good, feel good, and will ensure you enjoy every ride. 

Dawn Patrol Double Digits Socks - the best wicking fibers on the planet with a reinforced outer layer of nylon to make them as tough and rugged as the trails we ride:

  • The finest Merino wool socks on the planet.
  • Extra fine micron count wool with the inherent ability for temperature regulation, moisture management and bacteria resistance
  • Upgraded sole-support holds the sock in place eliminating slippage-induced blisters
  • Super strong nylon knitting in high-wear zones for lasting durability
  • Air-sole-mesh for maximum breathability
  • Flex-zone mesh panels to ventilate high movement areas of the foot
  • Last but certainly not least...Classy graphics that are in sync with your Dawn Patrol Double Digit gloves, to keep you grinning all ride long!
  • Sizing (XS, S/M & L/XL)

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