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Scout MTB Pants, the ultimate trail pant for MTB exploration

Less Bulk

Lycra Fly Closure provides a soft flexible fly, finished off with premium spring snaps for a secure waist closure.

Scout MTB Pants - Lightweight fly closure construction and premium spring snaps closure.

Adjustable Waist

Adjust the waist size on the fly or set it and forget it. Either way you will find the perfect fit with ease.

TASCO Scout pant waist adjuster detail

Tapered Secure Fit

The elastic cuff provides a secure fit. The leg is tapered to reduce the fabric near moving bike parts. In addition the pants are easily cuffed allowing for a custom inseam length.

Scout pant leg cuff detail photo showing the elastic band construction

Ventilation & Storage

Testing the prototype in summer highlighted the need for optional ventilation. The enlarged hip pockets double as ventilation ports. just open them up and let the air flow!

Scout pant detail photo showing the hip pocket that doubles as a ventilation port.
Mountain Bike Rider wearing TASCO Scout Pants.


Scout MTB Pants are designed for adventures that require extra coverage. Perfect for colder temperatures or harsh terrain the Scout pant is a versatile solution made for all trails.

TASCO Scout Pants Size Chart